Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Lighting tips for your office space

In an organisation, the biggest assets are the employees. To make them feel comfortable and satisfied at the workplace, the employers put in all possible efforts. And when it comes to providing the workforce with a proper working environment, lighting is one of the crucial factors that should be considered. Certainly, investing in lighting is essential because adequate lighting enhances the productivity and concentration of the employees while creating an attentive and effective work atmosphere.
The glare of the incandescent lights can result in decreased efficiency and focus, which can result in the employees to feel uncomfortable while working. Thanks to the advent of LED lights that have enabled the companies to illuminate their office and other essential spaces appropriately. Is your office’s light optimal for your employees to work? If not, then consider the following tips to transform a dull and uninspiring environment to a happy workplace.

Avoid using flickering and buzzing lights: Working under a light that is constantly flickering or buzzing is absolutely annoying. Apart from distracting the employees on a subconscious level, the fluctuating lights can cause strain to the eyes. Work output and efficiency also decrease gradually under bad lighting. Nonetheless, LED lamps and other new-age lighting solutions for office are an effective replacement that has been introduced by LED lighting manufacturers.

Install not too bright lights: Lights that are moderately bright are the best match for conference rooms and other spaces for conducting presentations and brainstorming sessions as this will help the employees to focus on their work in a better way. LED office lighting manufacturers have come up with innovative solutions like dimmable lights that consume less energy and can be adjusted as per the radiance required by people. 

Allow natural light to flow in: Workplace’s interiors should be designed in a way that ample amount of sunlight flow is ensured. Not only it is best for increasing efficiency, but also in maintaining health. Try to take the advantage of natural lights through windows and other sources as much as possible. Nonetheless, you should be cautious about areas that might create excessive glare or heat at times, planning wisely is highly required.

Choose leading brand for buying LEDs: Implementing all the aforementioned pointers would be of no use if lighting products are purchased from brands offering products of low quality. Refurbish your office interiors by trusting the leading brands like Magik Lights as they provide you with the new-age LED lighting products to cater to the lighting needs of every space. They offer a wide range of LED lamps, LED ceiling lights, LED Downlights, LED Panel Lights, and LED Spot Lights for illuminating office and other spaces effectually.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Industrial Lighting – Enhancing the Business Experience

Spaces like industries usually consume an enormous amount of energy. From warehouses to parking areas, they require a large amount of power resources. Industrial lighting, such as floodlights, bulkheads, and bollards solve, come for their rescue. The industrial LED lighting are rapidly changing the business game by scoring high in terms of energy consumption, environment-friendliness and lighting quality. 

Various lighting products manufacturers are rendering resourceful LED solutions to aid the industries in saving up to 80% in their power costs. The saved resources can be utilised for other essential requirements. These LED lights have a longer lifespan, hence help the maintenance expenses to diminish. Nonetheless, a considerable amount of investment would be required initially to install LED lighting products at the premises

Application areas of industrial lighting

Warehouses: In such huge places, need for proper lighting with widest beam angle is a prerequisite. The conventional lights need a buffer time when they are switched on or off each time. Some of the best lightingmanufacturers, like Magik Lights, offer LED Flood Lights as their replacements. These lights are artistically designed to project a high level of illumination

Street areas and corridors: Dark spaces like streets or narrow corridors necessitate compact yet durable lights. A wide range of lights, such as garden lighting and street lights, are made available for rendering a better experience to the users. With enhanced lighting quality and high colour rendering index, these are perfect to illuminate the connecting street or corridors

Backyards: For enlightening your backyard and exterior spaces, most of the best lighting manufacturers provide products, like bulkheads, that are robust yet energy-efficient. Bulkheads are an ideal source of bright and uniform light. They save about 50-60 % energy than that of the conventional lights. 

Circulation areas: There are places like reception areas, entrances and atriums that cannot be embedded with usual lights. Industrial lighting is a perfect replacement here. Furthermore, places like shopping malls, hospitals, airports, railway stations, etc. should also be illuminated with these lights. Opting for products that come with lumen warranty is highly recommended. 

Monday, 29 October 2018

Make a bold statement with LED floodlights

In the world that we are living in today, we all need to have a special magic inside us to be a stand out. It takes a lot of effort to make our mark in the society and to shine bright amongst the crowd. Well, the same goes for the products that are available in the market. Who would not want their products to take the market by the storm and who can possibly deny the importance of advertising in making the product a major hit? Well, we cant think of a name who can. 

Hoardings play an important role in sending out a message to masses at large, but it is necessary that the message being passed on is visible to people readily. You can make an amazing poster or a promotion campaign, but would it all mean a thing if its kept in the dark? No, right?

An optimum lighting solution can come in handy, while setting up a hoarding to make the advertisement visible even during the night. Floodlights are used to light up a large area with extreme brightness. The light produced is similar to daylight and hence does not strain our eyes. Traditional floodlights use halogens or fluorescent lamps as the light source. The downside to these light sources is their short life span and the need to change them frequently.

A superior alternate to traditional floodlights is LED powered lights. Light Emitting Diodes are a power packed light source known for their greater lumen and brightness. LED floodlights are cost efficient and consume less power. These are also IP certified against water and dust intrusion, which makes them sturdy and durable. The life span of LED floodlights also surpasses the life of traditional light sources and hence are easier to maintain.

Outdoor LED floodlights are gaining popularity in India and consumers have accepted them as the primary lighting solution. One of the front runners in LED floodlights, Magik Lights, boasts of an IP65 certified range of LED floodlights, which are already a favourite of consumers. With international standards of quality, LED floodlights are perfectly suited for the Indian market sphere as they are able to withstand the test of time and that of extreme weather of India.

Make a wise choice with LED floodlights!

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Diwali is one the most significant festivals of India. The ‘festival of lights’ as its popularly called, sends most Indian households into a redecoration or renovation tizzy. People like to welcome Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha into a fresh, clean and sparkling household that will attract prosperity and joy. Re-doing the décor by changing the lighting or doing some creative DIYs with lights adds a fresh dimension to the festive look. From fuzzy soft lights, strategically placed LED bulkheads to twinkling LED strip lights, here are some interesting lighting ideas to use LED lighting products for the purpose of redecoration:

Turn your outdoor space or balcony into a welcoming and roomy set up for Diwali parties or get-togethers by adding small couches, table tops and cushy seating. Illuminate the space by adding pendant lamps and lanterns. They don’t just look trendy but can also be customised to suit your mood- be it boho, oriental or ethnic.

An interesting décor idea to experiment with this Deepawali can be, re-doing or creating a wall in the hallway or even in the middle of the lobby with concept lighting. You can infuse the wall with LED bulkheads (innovation is the name of the game!) covered with Moroccan style filters for a contemporary vibe.

The paramount goal for any décor is that it should be warm and welcoming. The same applies to outdoors of the house as well. Lighting hedges, walkways and entrances with LED Bulkheads help create a more guest-friendly atmosphere. You can use LED strip lights to line the edging of your flower beds or walkways.

Lastly, candles and diyas are always a wonderful addition, and you can use LED-powered ones to line the path. The fact that LED has many benefits- like using less wattage so that one can use more fixtures; or that they last much longer and don’t require frequent replacements, making them a better option.

This Diwali, try these innovative lighting ideas for redecorating your spaces and welcome the lord with dazzle into your abode.