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5 Simple ideas to make your kid’s room a heaven

The feeling of having kids is overwhelming. Decorating a space for the cute bundle of joy is one of the things every parent looks forward to. The kids’ room needs to look like a dreamland, where they can learn to think and grow naturally, you can easily do this with Magik Lightening solutions. Not only for the newly born kids, but you can decorate the rooms for your kids of all ages, from toddlers to early adolescents.

Here are some of the ideas that will help you decorate the room of your kids with ease:

1. Mini Art Gallery

You can adorn the walls of your kid’s room with gallery-style pictures or paintings. There can be pictures related to the growing stages of your kid to honour the journey from childhood to adulthood. Moreover, pictures related to a certain theme to beautify the entire look of the place can also be used. This art gallery can be highlighted using LED tube lights.

2. Organisers

To ensure that the place remains tidy and organised, you need to have attractive storage space in the room of your kids. It will not only enhance the aesthetic look of the place, but also inculcate the habit of cleanliness and organizing in your kids, right from the childhood. LED Lights can also be used to decorate these organizers.

3. Glow in the dark art

With the help of glow in the dark paint, you can paint the ceilings or the walls of the room. For ceiling, painting stars and moon is the best option, while painting a cityscape works out the best for the walls. It will encourage the kids to turn out the lights at night time and go to sleep peacefully.

4. Wall tattoos

Using wall tattoos or decals of the choice of your kids’ favorite cartoon characters, animals or anything that can catch their fancy. It is an affordable way of changing the look of the room. Don’t forget to visit Magik Home solutions .

5. Fancy lighting

You can use funny or creative lamps that can serve the purpose of lighting as well as beauty. Moreover, for ample lighting, LED tube lights are the best options to illuminate the room of your kids.

6. Growth chart

A traditional growth chart or an innovative version of this chart can be put in the room of the child, which will reflect his or her growth over the years. You can also make use of non-toxic, water-based paint to put the hand prints of your child on a chart.

Use any or all these tips to decorate the room of your kids.

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Friday, 16 June 2017

LED Strip Lighting: The Ultimate Visual Appeal for Home

Magik strip lights

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Illuminating Lighting Experience to Amaze You

Strike a connected atmosphere into your home and create a pleasant and calming ambience with LED ceiling lights. Overall it’s the arrangement, décor aesthetics and the space, which plays an integral part in enhancing the lighting effect to manifolds.

You might even wonder; what will be the best area where the lighting will leave a lasting impact? How to create the perfect finishing touch? Well with impactful LED lighting, there are endless possibilities of transforming the space to a greater extent.

Moreover, for desirable spaces, nothing can match up the aesthetic of the high lumens that the LED light generates. Thus, it is very essential to consider the plenty of advantages such as its sustainability factor that keep the home cool, bright glow that spreads a uniform appearance and seamless designs that can be installed to any kind of fixture. 

Create a Statement Lighting Effect – Enhance the beauty of your home with the aesthetically appealing panel, strip LEDs which are a perfect fit for the ceiling zone. If you want to spruce up the décor, or want to create a statement effect, there’s nothing like the brightness of LED to garner attention. The ceiling light not only covers the cove, suspended area with brighter illumination, it does make the decoration or textures of the wall standout.

Achieve Perfect Ambience – Adding interest to the room is one aspect and recreating a magical ambience with the soft glow of LED is quite incomparable. Whatever your settings, zone or pathways, LED ceiling lights infuses quite a glamorous style and dreamy effect. Be it lavish bedroom, luxe bathroom or elegant living room, you can illuminate the area in countless ways.

Functional, Fitting & Fascinating – Lighting brings alive the real beauty of the home in the most glorious way. There are umpteen ways with which you can create a design canvas around the ceiling of your modern home, and to fuel up the interior, functional LEDs are the best source. Right from ambient, recessed to spotlighting, you can play off the interior in more than one intriguing ways.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Friday, 21 April 2017

Provide Modern elegance to your home with LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Illuminating LED Lighting Decors to fall in love with

Sometimes a single lighting source transforms the entire look and feel of the home. As LED lighting comes in a variety of styles and shapes catering to every corner of the home, you can have a multitude of decor options and ideas to choose. Lighting serves as the standout pieces that effortlessly create a statement and take the entire decoration a notch higher.

Whether you’re having conversation with your loved ones or unwinding in your entertainment zone, LED lighting provides the much needed glow and ambiance. Set the mood for your home and incorporate the basic LED lighting decor guidelines that will help you stay right ahead of the trend.

Relaxing Retreat – Escape into a dreamy ambiance with the subtle glow that the LED lighting infuses in every corners of the home. You can create a relaxing zone with string and downlights, create a perfect setting with a touch of modern or classic flair & then add some cozy seating to make the area inviting.

Crafty Corners – Create a spell-binding effect with plenty of artistic displays that will elevate the lighting to a great extent. Re imagine countless decor elements and make it interesting with a touch of old-world and modern charm suiting your space. Decorative pendants and chandeliers in mesmerizing styles and exquisite design always grab the center of attention.

Modern Minimalism – Ultra chic and visually appealing to the core, the modern and minimalistic décor scheme works well for any kind of lighting. Think of monochrome or neutral colour scheme, add some industrial inspired design elements, keep the room airy and incorporate LED spotlights, ceiling lights for heightened sense of drama.

Eco-Friendly Elegance – Sustainable is the essence of any contemporary home planning layout. Why should you stay behind in lighting when there are umpteen decor solutions that go with eco-friendly flow? Incorporate fixtures that is origami inspired paper designs, recyclable and fabric textured and get the desired patterned glow with the LED effects.

Landscape Luminance – An eclectic blend of lighting is needed to give a cheerful vibe to your outdoors. Opt for versatile addition such as sturdy hanging lamp for the porch area, uplighting and strip lighting for the outdoor plants. Pathways are a great source where you can actually play with a lot of LED lighting elements; give it a patterned shadow feel for a dreamy atmosphere.

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Decoration with LED Bulbs in your Home



Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Inspiring & Appealing LED lighting Ideas

Create a majestic effect to your home with alluring stream of LED panel lights that casts a glowing illumination to the overall area. The possibilities of decoration are endless when it comes to glorious LED’s as you can strategically decide on the best area; install it with multifarious lighting fixtures and highlight the ceiling with statement lighting.

Hidden lighting is the best way to add some mystery and drama around the space. As it is concealed, showcase the cove area with a warm blend of strip panel LED for an unmatched unique element. Moreover, it comes with a range of colorful hues to give a mix and match effect, or to get a gentle glow always opt for warm and cool tones to lend a minimalistic effect.

The light setting for living rooms should always be inviting, rather than overpowering it with several lighting source keep it basic and understated. Simply make the area a little artistic, add some visually appealing artworks, textured wall decor and accent pieces and adorn the overall pieces with LED panel lights.

Lighting scheme for kitchen should effectively highlight the best work area with pendant fixtures; along with it panel lighting is the best way to recreate an atmospheric zone. Whatever you are upto, stunning and multi-functional lights significantly increases the work condition to a great extent.

Versatility is a key factor in uplifting the decor zone of the entryway! From subtle to brightening glow, there are umpteen ways you can decorate the area with proper lighting. Effervescent cluster strips suspended in the ceiling gives a floating feel whereas a series of panel lights enhanced with dimmer switch brings out a dreamy ambience.

Bathroom lighting demands a chic and contemporary solutions and what better than LED lights to glorify each and every corner. The vanity area and the mirror is the most eye-catching element, so to give them a striking glow, overhead lighting in warm tone can have a massive impact on the surroundings.

Additionally, this energy efficient lighting not only gives a splendid view to the interior, but is also used extensively for cabinetry and shelves to manifold their impact. It is suspended to specific places creating a pool of light to the inside zone. Furthermore, the lighting complements the decorative accents and ensures a whole new dimension of brilliant luminance.

By incorporating LED lights in desired interior spaces, you can give a classy and contemporary appearance to the entire area. And enliven the ambience with a combination of artsy, vibrant and abstract decor detailing to make a definitive statement.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Innovating Styles of LED Panel Lighting



Monday, 20 February 2017

5 LED Lighting Trends for your Home

5 LED Lighting Trends for your Home

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Switch to LED Lights for Brightening up your Home



Monday, 6 February 2017

Enhance the look of your home interior with LED Downlights

While decorating home, many remain oblivious of the fact that lighting plays an integral part in enhancing the overall look of the home. It is certainly the game changer, and with advanced LED solutions you can achieve diverse ways of lighting in utmost convenience. LED downlights provides a high-efficiency and concentrated lighting that effortlessly enlivens the area.

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Need Inspiration or want to remodel your home with LED downlights, get through the following pointers which will help you to get versatile makeover options.

Elevate the look of your living room. Contemporary living rooms are the best spots for installing your LED downlights, as it ensures visually appealing ambiance in an instant. Use plenty of ways like incorporating LEDs at the ceiling slots that direct your focus straight to downwards, highlighting your cabinets and counters from overhead area and it also serves as the beautiful addition for glorifying your false ceilings. As it creates a flawless lighting effect, you can use multiple ways of showcasing furniture, plush decors, suspended ceiling to an altogether statement level.

Cast a soft glow to your bedroom. Play up your bedroom and create a dreamy lighting ambience by installing led downlights. As it distributes and covers a wide area, you can maximize its effect by incorporating statement decors. You can beautify and add patterns to the window curtains, bed side tables, décor elements, study zone with proper placement of these LED lighting solutions.

Create Minimalist statement for hallways. Make the most of your entryway or corridors by aesthetically blending gentle LED’s on the ceiling. Use colors that will leave a contrasting effect or simply go for temporary and ultra-modern wallpapers, so the lighting effect stand out. And for a calming vibe keep go for minimal decor, or create an artsy effect by highlighting any accent pieces and artworks. Be ensured that with downlights you can create unlimited décor possibilities.

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Make impact to your bath décor. Always keep in mind less is more for areas like bathroom and with soft lights you ought to create a soothing atmosphere. To make an illusion of a larger space add decorative mirrors and a mix of creativity by integrating luxurious decorative accents. The LED downlights provides a subtle glow with its white lumens that instantly uplifts the entire area with its unmatched look.

Architectural creations are beautifully portrayed when LED downlights are effectively placed bringing out the charm in different ways. With its super-efficient technology and brighter luminance, show off your home interior and achieve a perfectly modern style.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Transform your home with the illuminating glow of LED lights and let your decorations stand out.

Switch to LED Lights for Brightening up your Home

The revolutionizing technology of LED has brought about a total shift, the way homes are decorating spaces using varied lighting. LED lights are the most eco-friendly, conveniently smart and effectively functional choices when it comes to installations. With its unmatched brightness and uniform distribution of lights you can beautify every interior and exterior corner to a great extent.

 Here’s a detailed guide on how LED effective integration of LED lighting will enhance the entire interior of home.

1.Highlight creative corner with Accent Lighting. LED lights accentuate the beauty of any display elements. Be it artworks, showpieces or any other decorative pieces, with spotlights you can turn any area into a beautiful work of art. Designing is an integral part and when it comes to giving a facelift, installing LED wall mounting and overhead lighting are best for creating an effortless accent solutions.

2.Create dramatic appearance with Atmospheric Lighting. Customizing outdoor with glorious blend of lighting is essential to infuse an aura. LED light plays a key role in making the overall ambience into a warm and inviting space. And what better ways to elevate the outdoor area and the landscape with various forms of lighting sources. Lit up the pathways and garden patios with flood lights, highlight your trees and plants with a colorful stream of Strip lights and you’ll surely leave a lasting impression.

3.Liven up your concentration zone with Task Lighting. Achieve desirable lighting effect in areas around kitchen and study room with the convenience of glare free LED lighting solutions. Pendants, chandelier and panel lights are the most effective when it comes to uplift the task lighting process. Drawing focus on particular area or things can be beautified with beautiful blend of task lighting.

4.Ambient Lighting is best for uniform lit room. Illuminate your entire space by switching to functional and contemporary LED solutions. Play up the living room with proper placement of distinctive lighting fixtures and add mirror to create an illusion of spaciousness. As ambient lights spreads a soft glow

LED light conveniently converts any utilitarian space into an extraordinary ambiance to your interiors as well as exterior. By incorporating LED lights for your home, you can give a modernistic appeal, enhance the look of the décor and illuminate the entire area with great depth and dimension.