Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The perfect places to install LED bulbs

The perfect places to install LED bulbs

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Your guide for buying doors for the exteriors

Lighting plays a very vital role in making or breaking the look of a place. A well-illuminated space looks more beautiful and spacious than a poorly-lit place. While thinking about illuminating your place, you need to decide on the following things:

  • At which places do you need to install lights
  • How many lighting products are required
  • Which types of products do you need
  • What you will install in the interiors and what kind of outdoor lights India would you prefer
While it is very important to select the best led lighting products for the interiors, so is the case with the outdoor lights India. The lights that are installed in the exteriors of your house are of great importance because they can highlight its architecture and landscape. It also helps to provide safety by preventing the intruders making an entry into the house. Moreover, it makes the path easily navigable at night for the residents. 

The outdoor lighting fixtures are indeed one of the first things that people notice in the first glance. They depict a lot about the home owners, thus, you should choose these wisely. You need to choose the ones that perfectly define you and complement your space from the available types, styles, sizes and colours.

LED lights are considered as the best options for the exterior use as they are weather resistant and have longer service life, saving you from the trouble of replacing the lights from time to time.

Things to consider while you plan to buy outdoor lights India:
  • Size:
It is one of the important considerations that you should look while buying the lighting products. Always imagine that how a particular type of fixture will look while being installed at the exterior walls of your house.
  • Glare:
It is important to notice that the lights you use outdoors do not produce glare. The light should be bright, but not very intense.
  • Quality:
Always make sure to go for good quality fixtures if you plan to live in your house for a while. If you’ll install cheap fixtures, they need to be replaced from time to time, especially if there are harsh climatic conditions outside. It’s always best to buy good quality LED lights
  • Style:
You should always choose the light fixtures that reflect your personal style preference. Moreover, you should always consider the fact as to what kind of light fixtures will look good at the spot where you have planned to install exterior lights India.


Thursday, 8 December 2016

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Making a difference with LED lights on festive season

While you plan to decorate your house or office on festive season, you need to consider the best and different options. LED lights are indeed one of the best ways to illuminate your residential as well as commercial places. There is a large variety of LED lighting products that can be used this season.

Range of LED lighting products
  • LED lamps
  • LED ceiling lights
  • LED panel lights
  • LED spot lights
  • LED tube lights
  • LED battens
  • LED downlights
  • LED bulkheads
  • LED flood lights
  • LED strip lights
Options of LED lights for Home decoration
  • One can use LED lights in decorative lamps to beautify the look of the place.
  • LED strip lights can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place.
  • One can decorate the furniture by installing LED strip lights at their edges.                
Benefits of using LED lights
  • They are energy efficient
  • They conserve nature
  • They do not require to be replaced frequently
  • They have longer life
  • They do not emit harmful gases or chemicals

Friday, 4 November 2016

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Up-To-Date Technology Used for LED Products Manufacturing

Because every space is special and close to your heart, LEDs make each space more special by being the center of attraction. Available in various shapes and sizes and in different colours, LED change the look and feel of your home, office, industry, retail and hospitality areas. The wide range of products fit in all the needs of the customers. The LED bulb manufacturers in India are offering the best in class solutions, which are customer centric and provide latest technology in the products.

The manufacturers focus on using the up-to-date technology which cater the present need and at the same time help in reducing global warming. The LED bulbs are produced to provide a long life of usage, with high electrical efficiency for less electricity consumption. The LEDs are undoubtedly the best choice over the existing incandescent lamps we are using. Delivering utmost satisfaction to the customers, with the LED performance, the manufacturers try to make a durable product which can be used for long term.

The state-of-the-art idea is used for manufacturing, without compromising on quality with fast delivery in shortest time possible. The wide range of LED products suit all the applications and optimal technical parameters for varied working environments. Even small details are taken care of in the product design and packaging, prompt service of the products is ensured with consultancy services. All these are high points of the best LED bulb manufacturers in India. The laboratory and design centre make high quality products. With the growth of LEDs in India, it will soon be a whole new world of LED.

The answer to why to choose LED is simple, the most important reason is LED is energy-efficient as it consumes very less energy, it is much cooler than those incandescent lights because it emits less heat, it reduces the electricity bill, it has longer life span than any CFL or incandescents. It turns on and off instantly, and the on and off cycle doesn’t effect the lifespan of the bulb. LED immediately turns on and attains 100% output whereas CFLs and incandescent lights take longer time to perform. It is reliable and efficient at the same time. The LED doesn’t contain Mercury and doesn’t emit UV radiation, so it is safe for health and helps in reducing global warming.

Opt for LEDs and live in a healthy world! Help in preventing climate change to reduce the global warming effects.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Smartly Designed LED Panel Light

Smartly Designed LED Panel Light

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Amazing Ideas To Use LED Strip Lights

Magik LED Strip Lights

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Know about the basics of LED Lights

1.What are LED lights?

LEDs is a shortened name for light–emitting diodes, which are semiconductor devices. They produce light when current is passed through them. Though, LEDs have been around for over 50 years, but it has gained much fame and acceptance with the introduction of white LEDs that are looked upon as a replacement for other white lights.

2.What are the advantages of LED lights?
  • LED lights are energy efficient as they use 90% less energy than the traditional incandescent lights.
  • They have a very long life.
  • When switched on, they illuminate instantly.
  • These lights work fine even in low temperature.
  • These lights are not harmful for the environment.
3.Where LED lights can be used?
  • At homes, these lights can be used in washrooms, kitchens, rooms, gardens, stair cases, balcony and stores, among any other place of your choice.
  • At offices, these lights can be installed in cabins, washrooms, trophy cabinets, stair cases, elevators, canteens, reception, main office area, etc.
  • At outdoors, these are used to light up parks or gardens, streets, side walks, roofs, hoardings, etc.
Limited to not only these applications, but LED lights can be easily installed at any place of your preference.
4.What are the different types of LED lights available in the market?

Following are the major types of LED lights available in the market:
  • LED lampsLED ceiling lights
  • LED panel lights
  • LED spot lights
  • LED battens
  • LED downlights
  • LED bulkheads
  • LED floodlights
5. How to choose the LED lights?
  • Choose the brightness level as per your requirement.
  • Make a choice between warm and cool light.
  • Select the base of the LED lights as per the available sockets. Basically, the base are of two types, 'pin' base and ‘screw' base.
  • Never go for cheap bulbs as they won’t last longer.

Benefits of using LED Lighting Products

Benefits of using LED Lighting Products

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Be Your Own Space Decorator With LED Strip Lights

You are the best person to know what would enhance your planned party. So just go ahead and get some tips to start doing up the place yourself with easy to use LED strip lights.

Never loved how the decorators interpreted your party theme? Were desperately waiting for the solution which could be handy and easy to install so that your imagination can come into picture?

Seems like the invention of Magik-LED strip lights have come like a blessing for those who had these questions racing in their heads. For those who are specific about their parties but are not that good with their hands on dangerous wires, these basics below can help you be your own party decorator with some basic info and techniques for using LED strips:

LED Strip Lights

Types of LED Strip lights

a. LED rope lights: LED chips encased in plastic covering.
b. LED ribbons: Flat surface lightings with LED chips without any covering.
c. Self-Adhesive: The ones which can be pasted on the wall without any need of your nails and tapes.

Options available in the market:

You would be able to find the following variations in LED Strip lights -

a. Single color (with a long list of color options)
b. Multi-color
c. Static and pattern based lighting which light with different patterns and timings
d. Variable lengths as per your need which can be the length or the LED count (look for LED strip lights with highest number of chips per foot)
e. Water resistant

What all would you need to know:

a. Basic Electronic knowledge about Volts & Watts.

b. Understand the points from where you can cut the lights (the brass strips in between the LED chips). These are small horizontal brass lines marked with some alphabets on both sides which is the right area to cut the LED strip.

c. The LED strips are joined according to the space between the LED chips that needs to be taken care of while creating a joint. Soldering iron can be used to make such joints and achieve a length as per your space.

d. Find appropriate power supply. For example, 12v power supply with 2Ampere will be good enough to light up a 5 meter LED strip light. Use an adapter with appropriate watts (watts = ampere X volts).

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Switch To LED For Environment Friendly Illumination

Someone had rightly said “Incandescent light bulbs lit the 20th century; the 21st century will be lit by LED lamps.”

Though the transformation did not happen in a year, it started decades ago with the primary thought of bringing about a change. The scientist trio Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura developed the first blue LED light in 1993 which was the missing element from white LED light. For more than 30 years, Red, Green and yellow LED’s were much in use but with blue missing, white light went missing. This invention brought about the transformation in the lighting technology forever.

Blue LED came into picture just 20 years ago but then once the white light came into picture, it has brought about a change on a larger frame. It has not only helped people save electricity but also replace the older light sources with a more long lasting and efficient alternative.

 Magik-LED Light

Understanding the technology:
LED i.e. Light Emitting Diodes are tiny devices made up of semiconductor materials that convert electrical energy into visible wavelengths along with some heat when they are connected to an electric circuit. The small unit installed inside your LED lights, called the chip, comes in various sizes in order to fit into various light sources. This diode conducts the current in one direction and is formed by bringing together two layers made up of semiconducting materials:

N-type layer:  N can be taken as negative, i.e. it has negative charge which can also be called electrons.

P-Type layer: P or positive charge explains this layer. Positive charge is carried in form of holes which are then filled up with electrons hence conducting the charge.

Where the electrons fall into the holes, is called the active region.


  • Facts state that about one-fourth of the electricity produced in the world is consumed in lighting. For this high figure indicates that we need a resource like LED in order to conserve the resources.
  • LED’s stand for convenience and efficiency.
  • The rays which are emitted are mercury free making them harmless.
  • The energy savings figures can reach up to 60-70%.
Though the progress has been a little slow, the ecological advancements are attracting more users to switch to this technology in order to illuminate their places better while contributing to the environment.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Magik LED downlighting in India

Magik LED downlighting in India


Friday, 8 July 2016

Save the Environment with LED Lights

LED Light


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Magik LED Tube Light India



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Magik LED Lights India